Anguilla (GB) Immigration Information – Immigrate To Anguilla (GB)

Anguilla is a very small island country located near Puerto Rico. It offers tropical temperatures and most inhabitants speak English. There are currently only around 13,000 people who actually live on the island of Anguilla. Immigrating there and the process that you must undergo depends on where you are. If you are a citizen of Canada, Europe, UK or the United States, you can enter Anguilla with just a passport and a return ticket. Citizens of other countries however, must first obtain a visa before entering.

Working in Anguilla

In order to legally enter Anguilla to work, you will need a work permit. These are issued by the Department of Labor and approved by the Department of Immigration. If you want to work for any length of time on the island, you will need to first obtain this work visa. The position that you are vying for will need to be advertised on an Anguillan radio station to prove that there are no Anguillan natives who can fill the position first. Work permits can be valid for a period of no more than five years. The only exception to this rule is if you are considered to be an essential part of Anguillan development.

In order to apply for a work permit you will need to submit certain documentation. These include:

  • A valid passport
  • Police records for the last 10 years
  • Medical reports showing your overall health
  • Certificates showing your skills and academia
  • Tax clearance from the Anguillan government
  • At least 3 character references – these should be from persons you have known for no less than 3 years
  • 3 passport sized photographs

If you are planning to enter Anguilla in order to start a business, you will also need to show a valid business license and submit a detailed business plan.

Permanent Residence Permits

You can also apply for a permanent resident permit. If you do obtain a permanent resident permit and you do not already have a valid work permit, you will not be permitted to work or otherwise earn income while in the country. In order to obtain a permanent resident permit, you must be able to show a certificate of good conduct.

Permanent residence permits are granted to those who have held valid work permits for seven years or more as well as children under the age of 17 whose parents hold a valid work permit. Those who have invested no less than $2,500,000 into a business in Anguilla are also eligible as are professionals in legal or financial industries who can contribute to the economy or economic development and who have been in the country for at least five years. You can visit the Immigration Forums to learn more about the requirements for permanent residence permits in the country.

If you are planning to enter Anguilla and you want to bring a pet, you will need to obtain a permit for importing that pet. You will need to show that your pet has been vaccinated for rabies and your permit will be valid for 30 days. It will need to include your name and country of origin as well as the breed of pet and a certified health certificate from your veterinarian showing that the pet has had a rabies vaccination.